Girls Training Institute, Pangani (Maahad)
Bujumbura/Fairview Road,Pangani Shopping centre, Nairobi
0728971376 / 0731370366 / 0701953039 / 0773280226

Educational Staff

1 Ishak Ismail Administrator/Teacher Graduate Islamics Darul Uloom
2 Azra Khwaja Principal/Teacher Bachelors Arts Education
3 Shuwekha Ahmed Mzee Head Teacher Bachelors of Education Arabic
4 Muna Abdullah Deputy Head Teacher Bachelors in Islamics
5 Fartun Muhammad Uthman Teacher Bachelors in Islamics
6 Fatma Muhammad Hussein Teacher Masters in Comparative Laws
7 Dahira Kantilal Teacher Masters in Islamics
8 Ummu Kulthum Noorani Teacher Maahad Graduate

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Recent Updates

maahadul-banaat-1440-intakeMaahadul Banaat Intake for the year 1440  A.H. is on going. Applicants are doing interviews therein the successful candidates will be...
2018-academic-progressMaahad Academy have improved its academic standards with regular remedial CATS given to students. learners also tackle prep CATS everyday from Monday to...