Girls Training Institute, Pangani (Maahad)
Bujumbura/Fairview Road,Pangani Shopping centre, Nairobi
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About Baraimul Maahad

Baraimul Maahad is a madrassa for children in Islamics and Arabic located in Pangani, Nairobi at the premises of Girls Training Institute (Maahad)

Our young children’s Quran and Islamic Education is crucial for the creation of a solid Ummah. The Baraimul Maahad was initiated in 1991 with only one class.Today it has 13 afternoon and evening classes with more than 10 teachers and a capacity of 300 young students.

For more than 20 years it has moulded and developed its curriculum into an extensive madrassa for children in the Arabic medium.

The studies consist of:-

  • 2 years of Rawdhah/Hadhwana
  • 7 years of Primary (Ibtidaaii)
  • 4 years of Intermediate (Mutawasit)

Intake for Rawdhah class - minimum age - 4 years

Aims and objectives

  • Imparting Quran and Islamics to our children.
  • Instilling Islamic morals.
  • Formation of a muslim identity through cultural values.

Subjects at glance

The curriculum comprises of Quran throughout the years with selected surahs in hifdh and core Islamiyaat subjects.

  • Quran recitation and hifdh of selected surahs
  • Hadeeth
  • Tawheed
  • Arabic
  • Seerah
  • Fiqh
  • Dua

Recently a special class has been created for boys from the age of 10 years and above, under the tutoring of an ustaadh. The training has come up with wonderful results of discipline and self-confidence.


Monday – Saturday
Afternoon – 2:00 pm -4:00 pm / 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday – 8:30 am -1:00 pm


The Madrassa block consists of 11 classrooms, a head teacher’s office and a cloakroom.


For your child’s educational development, there is a need of parents’ commitment. Experience does indicate that students who completed the whole madrassa excelled in Islamics in future higher studies.


  • Ibtidaaii and Mutawasit certificate 
  • Khatmul Quran Certificate 

Ladies Department (Sayyidah Classes)

The Madrassa has also extended its services to the ladies. Quran and basic Islamics is taught to fresh learners within a period of two years.


Monday – Friday
Morning – 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Afternoon – 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


3 terms with dual exams and an annual holiday in December


Baraimul Maahad Certificate awarded after the completion of the two year course.