Girls Training Institute, Pangani (Maahad)
Bujumbura/Fairview Road,Pangani Shopping centre, Nairobi
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Maahad Academy-Academics

Education Offer

Maahad Academy provides an 8-4-4 government curriculum. In addition the school provides an Islamic education environment for both students and staff. The School further differentiates by offering Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Qur’an Recitation.

The School also provides extra curriculum activities like swimming, Taekwondo, Physical Education and has different clubs including Cookery, Arts, Science club and First Aid.

Learning requires discipline and hard work and can only take place in a safe, caring and enjoyable environment driven by moral values. Maahad Academy strives to provide that environment for its students.

All students need to take the five core subjects:-

Math, English, Kiswahili and two Sciences (Chemistry, Biology or Physics).

I.R.E is compulsory

And two optional subjects which they choose from the following subjects:-


Arabic/ Computer/ Business Education.

In addition to the 8.4.4 curriculum, the Islamic Subjects offered in Maahad Academy are:

  1. Qur’an

·         Recitation and Tajweed

·         Memorization and Tajweed

  1. Qur’an Tafsir
  2. Hadith of the Prophet(P.B.U.H)
  3. Tawheed
  4. Akhlaq(Islamic Manners)
  5. Arabic

·         Mutwalaa

·         Nahwu

·         Sarf

Download detailed Islamiyaat Curriculum